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80w High Power Tweed with split channel voicing used by Justin Lee Country. 212 Tweed cabinet.

Vintage Craftsmanship

Hand wired circuits and hand built cabinets ensure the highest quality electric guitar amplifiers available! We proudly use Ted Weber Speakers in all of our amplifiers. PCB boards will never be found in our amplifiers. We use only the highest quality materials that are period correct for the amplifier circuit you want. From our tweed cloth covered wire to our hand soldered  capacitor boards,  we only provide the highest quality materials. All of our amplifiers are hand built and lead times vary. Please contact for current lead times.

45w Tweed Pro in deed cedar cabinet with alnico 15 inch speaker

Vintage Tone & Boutique Appeal

I began building my own amplifiers because I could not find that vintage tone in any of the modern amplifiers. The vintage tone is not in them because they use modern techniques and material composition that changes tone. We use vintage methods and vintage material compositions that deliver vintage tone without costing a small fortune. Our tone surpasses that of any mass produced amplifier and we guarantee it with a 7 day return policy. 

50w Low Power Tweed Dual Rectifier in custom 212 Zebra wood cabinet.

Made in America, Premium Quality Amplifiers

We offer amplifiers for every need and price point. All of our amplifiers are made in America using 95 percent American maufctured products. We cover our product with a full 1 year warranty against defect, and ask about  our 7 day return policy. We are here to create your holy grail tone! Have an old radio or other object you would like an amp built in? We can do it! 

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Notone Amplification LLC SE50 Series

Notone Amplification LLC SE50 Series available for order June 20th!