About Us

SE50H KT66

When did we start building amplifiers?

In 2014, I retired from the Army and began building clones, etc.  In late 2016, I began developement on the SE Series and well....now in 2018 we have the final product that I am proud to offer forsale in our shop. 

Why boutique?

One word.. custom.  Can you call the big box manufacturers and create a custom amplifier? Sure....if you have 1 million instagram followers and have toured with multiple successful bands for the last 20 years. We offer you the chance to build YOUR tone and YOUR look, all while providing a lifetime warranty and short lead times.  Chek out a few people and bands who proudly use our product!

What are our lead times and where can our product be found?

The longest lead time that I have ever had was 4 weeks (highly custom order that took me 2 weeks to source the wood for the cabinet).  Typical lead times are 2-3 weeks for any amplifier that we do not have in stock.  We are working with several mom and pop style music stores to hopefully be carried in several places across the country.  We will never be found on Sweetwater, or in Guitar Center, or Sam Ash. Why? Because if you are selling in mass, you are no longer a boutique amplifier builder. You are now a manufacturer. Several of the top "boutique" amplifier builders were once small like us, then decided to deal with the big box stores. Their production times went through the roof ( like 3-4 months ) for individual orders, as they were having to keep the big box stores happy and fulfill contracts.  I dont want that to be us. We build for the player, not for the masses.  With small batch production, I can control my lead times, as well as quality.


Lead times

2-3 weeks for any non-stock item. (Unless you specify something super awesome that takes me a little while to get...like burled maple, zebrawood, or babinga)

Can I order a custom cabinet?

Yes. Be aware that if you want something that is crazy custom...it may affect lead times as your custom product is sourced or created!

What happens if I place an order and it goes on backorder?

You will be contacted by us.  We will hold a deposit on your order, and issue a refund for the remainder.  When your order is completed, we will contact you for the remaining payment.  Once that has cleared, we will ship your new amplifier!

How much is shipping ?

WE ship free to all lower 48 states.  If placing an order for Hawaii or Alaska please contact us for shipping rates.  All international orders must contact us prior to placing your order to confirm voltage requirements, as well as shipping. Failure to do so will result in your order being cancelled. 

How does the lifetime warranty work?

This is simple.  If there is any fault with your amplifier, outside of tubes or total destruction, we will fix it for free. All you have to do is contact us, ship it to us, then we handle the rest.  Why do we not cover tubes? Tubes are wear items and are subject to shock and damage that we nor the tube manufacturer can control.  Our amps are cathode biased and the tubes are run hot. This does wear tubes faster than fixed bias, but it delivers the amazing tone that we proudly offer. If you need a maintenance/tube replacement schedule, email us!

What if I have a question?

Ask. We respond quick, so dont worry about being forgotten. 

Notone AMplification LLC Demo Video

Check out this great video and hear our flagship SE Series amps in action!!