Boutique effects pedals


Custom Effects

Handmade effects pedals that offer Army Veteran inspired looks and logos with tone that sets itself apart from all the competition. All the attitude  you could ever ask for in boutique effects pedals. 


Mild to Wild!

From the mild overdrive tone of the CSM producing 70s rock tones, to the grunge rock tones of the 90s packed inside of the Z Pattern guitar pedals we have your overdrive tone covered. Need to get over the top...try out the Grenadier for a huge dose of British 50w 800 tones!


No Dealer Markup!

These pedals are built by us and sold by us. Dealers tack a minimum of 30% markup on all products. Why pay more for less tone? Buy direct from us and instantly save! All of our products are backed by our world class customer service and warranty!!!

Belt Fed FX Overdrives into SE50B-212

Check out this great video