Endorsed Artists

Justin Lee

Justin Lee Country JL20 SE Series

Justin Lee is our longest running endorsed artist. What began as a small company endorsing an upcoming artist has become a friendship and brotherhood.  Justin uses our Evil Tweed Twin from the original Vintage Modified Series, as well as our very first signature series, the JL20.  Keep your eyes on this guy as he moves up the Nashville scene!

Blaine Bradley

Blain Bradley SE50H

Blaine Bradley is currently one of the guitarists for alternative rock band LONELYOUTH and is based out of Nashville, TN. Growing up around music his entire life, he has always had a passion for the guitar and most importantly his tone.

“For me, the tone has to be perfect or I can’t deliver my best on stage and in the studio. When I first plugged into a Notone amp, I couldn’t find one bad sound out of it. It can cover almost any genre but most importantly it gives me a fat warm tone that I have always loved.” - Blaine Bradley


Lonelyouth SE50H

Alternative rock band LONELYOUTH is based out of Nashville, TN. Guitarist Blaine Bradley uses the SE50H in KT66 format with our 112 extension cabinet loaded with a custom Ted Weber Speaker.