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 Twenty-two veterans commit suicide every day. To help combat this devastating statistic, we’ve decided to host a fundraiser to create awareness and help fund those who are making a difference in this statistic. Our fundraiser will benefit K9s For Warriors, an organization that trains rescue dogs to become certified service dogs and then pairs them with veterans who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury, and/or Military Sexual Trauma.



K9s For Warriors is providing help. The service provided by K9s For Warriors  gives warriors destined for self destruction and dogs destined to be euthenized a second chance. All contributions help to train and pair warriors with their hero. 

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We need your help!  Both men and women of the Armed Forces suffer from both visible and hidden wounds.  Almost all of us have heard "get help" and "get over it" at least once, if not multiple times.  As a medically retired veteran, I can tell you that veterans are a proud  community.  We would rather hold thoughts and feelings inside than share them.  This is a major contributor to the veteran suicide rate.  The service provided by K9s For Warriors is invaluable in that it gives those veterans in the most dire of needs an ear.  An ear that always listens without judgement or advise.  That ear comes in the form of a devoted and loving service dog.  Please support K9s For Warriors in any way that you can be it through donation or by sharing their information. The need is real, and so is the solution!

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