Welcome to the SE12


The SE12 Amplifier is packed with Class A tone provided by JJ 6V6S parallel single ended power tubes. Pre-amp power is provided by a single JJ 12AX7. Tone controls are simple, allowing lightning fast tone acquisition through Gain, Tone, Master, and Lead/Fat Switching. We offer optional bright/normal switching or our 3-way bright switching. This option gives the user a standard bright and normal selection, as well as a third position that boosts mids and gain while turning the tone control into a standard treble control.  Class A operation allows massive even order harmonics and searing lead tone. Cathode bias allows easy tube changes (only when using the same manufacturer and tube type). This design loves single coil pickups as well as humbuckers.  This amplifier is dynamite is a small package. If you want a signature tone that instantly recognizable, this is it!

· Mercury Magnetics Custom wound output transformers

· 20w power transformers

· 20hy choke

· Sozo signal capacitors

· F&T Electrolytic Capacitors

· Switchcraft jacks

· 100% hand wired, and hand assembled

· Void free CNC machined Baltic birch shell

· Made in Orlando, Florida

· 18w max output

· 8 ohm impedance

Lifetime warranty to the original owner!


SE12 operating at living room volume with incredible vintage tube tone!