Handwound Single Coil Guitar Pickups

Singletone Single Coil Guitar Pickups

Handwound by US Army Veteran

Our singlecoil pickups are handwound in Orlando, Florida by a US Army Veteran. We use the best Elektrisola plain enamel wire, Alnico 5 rod magnets, and fiber bobbins. All pickups are handwound on our custom winding machine. Bobbins and magnets are laquer dipped before winding to prevent shorts and prolong life. Our pickups are lightly potted in 100% bees wax to protect them and limit microphonics ( not eliminate ).  We have found this light potting keeps the light and airy overtones  of the pickup and contributes to their organic tone. 

Send us an email at info@notoneamps.com to get more information or for special requests. 

The making of SingleTone Pickups Moonshine Hybrid pickups

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